SMOVE – garage door

SMOVE – your smart garage door Smove is a very functionial and modular built garage door. The goal with this project was to reduce the parts to a minimum and make the garage door more userfriendly and customizable.  modularity Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut […]

LAGOM – modular hairdryer

LAGOM – modular hairdryer Lagom is a modular and thus easily repairable hair dryer. Being more durable and sustainable than conventional hairdryers, it wants to counteract the development towards wasteful consumption which unfortunately is very common nowadays. By following the Cradle-to-Cradle model, parts and materials can be returned into the cycle, making the design regenerative. Cable […]

PRECIOUS PLASTIC – Ride Ons for children

PRECIOUS PLASTIC – Ride-Ons for children Plastic pollution is an ubiquitous problem that affects nature and humans. Reducing plastic waste is the best solution, but not the only one. We also have to work with the waste which was already created. The Ride-Ons are producible and also reproducible by recycling plastic waste. The approach of this project […]

DAINAMI – future car 2025+

DAINAMI – future car 2025+ DAINAMI – future car 2025+ Dainami is an innovative and adaptive car, that can be used by individuals or groups like families. You can choose either to drive by yourself or to let the car drive autonomously. The approach was to optimize the space by freeing up the interior volume for […]

HOVER – wire lighting system

HOVER – wire lighting system Hover is a wire lighting system with spherical lamp elements. Each light sphere is made out of two halfs, that can be easily put together due to magnets placed in the middle. The different colors and styles can be combined according to needs and style. This project was done in […]

LUUI – better hearing for everyone

LUUI – better hearing for everyone Sounds and noises are omnipresent, they accompany us everywhere we go. That’s why our hearing sense is a crucial sense for our orientation. Often the sounds around us overlap and disturb our listening comprehension. After participating at a Hearathon, organised by EU-project careables in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IDMT, and […]

FUXAC – everyday backpack

FUXAC – everyday backpack Fuxac is the outcome of a project which started with experiments with the material felt. Felt is a unique material which can be rigid or flexible and thus can be used in many different ways. With lasercut procedures, complex shapes with beautiful details can be cut out. The Fuxac is based on […]