Hello, I'm Miriam

As an impact-driven strategic designer, I believe that design is an enabler for transformation. It should not be only redesigning, but improving products and their context of use. 

Design is a way of thinking to not only solve problems but identify them – which is often the bigger challenge. Bringing all stakeholders is the core of this, which I do by facilitating workshops. I enjoy working in co-creation, applying methods to find holistic solutions that bring positive impact. Working closely with designers, experts and users, I found myself fascinated by the outcome of using insights to design not only efficient but also enjoyable products

Growing up in two different countries (Argentina & Germany) led to a big interest in different cultures. Therefore I love traveling and getting to know other places and the local people, food, and nature.

My approach

Innovation through Co-Creation

To bring all stakeholders together, I facilitate co-creative workshops. These workshops are not only important for gathering insights, but also for facilitating conversations between stakeholder. This can involve activities such as creating a user persona or a map of the user journey, workflow mapping, service design blueprint, and more.

Bridging Business and Users

As designers, we build the bridge between business and users, to ensure that decisions and strategies align with the business’s vision and the users’ needs. I enjoy working in co-creation and applying methods to find holistic solutions that bring positive impact.

Impact & result driven

An impact-driven approach lies at the core of my work. I believe in harnessing the power of design not only to solve problems but to create a positive impact in the world. This means crafting solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also contribute to sustainable, long-term impact. With everything we create, we must consider the broader implications on individuals, communities, and the environment.