PRECIOUS PLASTIC - Ride-Ons for children

Plastic pollution is an ubiquitous problem that affects nature and humans. Reducing plastic waste is the best solution, but not the only one. We also have to work with the waste which was already created. The Ride-Ons are producible and also reproducible by recycling plastic waste. The approach of this project was to design products with a low level of complexity to facilitate the mould making for the production.

This project was done in cooperation with cybex.

Precious Plastic

The project is leaned on the Precious Plastic community, which is a platform that shares knowledge and tools for free for anyone to act against plastic pollution. Also they provide construction plans for machines (shredder, injection moulding and compression machine) to build, with which the ride-ons should be produced.

Bo The Bean

Bo The Bean can be playfully transformed into various ride-ons with different functions. Combined with accessories like wooden sticks or wheels, Bo can not only function as a seat or rocker, but also as a bobbycar, a horse or even as a shelf. Even if the owner outgrows childhood, Bo blends through its object-like character in every living room.
After plastic waste is collected and shredded, the main body is produced by pressing and the wheels by injection moulding.

Rick The Rocker

Rick The Rocker is an eye-catcher in every kid’s room, being elegant and pure fun at the same time.
The structure allows a two-dimensional production of 3 different parts, of which two are needed twice. The saddle and the lower struts are heated and bent two-dimensionally after they come out of the mould. Finally, all parts are screwed together.

Fred The Sled

Fred is a timeless sled for children. The simply curved shape of only one part is dynamic and elegant at the same time. The cut out is a detail in the design, which also functions as a footrest and handle for the child.

2017/18 | teamwork (3 students)