FUXAC - everyday backpack

Fuxac is the outcome of a project which started with experiments with the material felt. Felt is a unique material which can be rigid or flexible and thus can be used in many different ways. With lasercut procedures, complex shapes with beautiful details can be cut out. The Fuxac is based on the idea to create a durable backpack, which consists of as few parts as possible, put together in a way that makes disassembling possible and thus repairing, replacing or recycling parts.


The Fuxac has a practical organization. Inside, there is each a compartment for a laptop and a notebook or magazine. On one side there is furthermore a compartment for the laptop charger so that it can always be found quickly. On the other side there is a horizontally attached rubber band which can hold items, such as a water bottle, in place. On the outside one can store the keys safely and still access them quickly.

The upper flap of the backpack is closed at the back via a magnetic closure. Where sides and back meet, holes in the felt are lasered and held together by a thread, letting a functional element become decorative.



Through many sketches, scaled mock-ups and 1-to-1 sized models, the form and function of different variations were tested, thereby finding the final form. The result corresponds to the idea that the backpack should consist of as few parts and as few seams as possible.

2017 | individual work