HOVER - wire lighting system

Hover is a wire lighting system with spherical lamp elements. Each light sphere is made out of two halfs, that can be easily put together due to magnets placed in the middle. The different colors and styles can be combined according to needs and style.

This project was done in cooperation with Paulmann.


Using the lamp modules as spotlights draws attention to the illuminated areas through the directed light. This can be done by using a dark colored module or by adding a case on top of the module for more precise orientation.

No tools

After installing  the wire system, no tools are needed anymore. Thanks to low voltage and magnetic connection one can easily change the elements without any tool, and adapt the lighting to the ambience of the room. Not only can the colours be combined in different styles, but also the elements can be moved to the spot, where light is needed. The wires can be easily retightened by only turning the cylinder on the wall.

2015/16 | individual work