BORDERLINE - mcbw workshop

BORDERLINE - mcbw workshop

During the „Munich Creative Business Week“ 2016 I took part in a workshop (2 days) with students of the universities of Aarhus (Denmark) and Graz (Austria). The workshop was initiated together with iF Universal Design and Design Austria.

In a group of 5 students we focused on the topic of refugees and created two concepts. One to welcome the refugees and one for those welcoming refugees to understand them better.


TAKE(A)PART – have a new start! is an installation with the intention to break borders. The borderline becomes the meaning of a starting line instead of a borderline which is made to divide. Refugees break down the wall by taking a box, so that the wall starts to disappear as more people take one. The contents of the box are meant to inspire a new beginning.

Culture Sphere

Often we don‘t know what it‘s like to live in another country and culture. To have that experience without travelling, you can live another culture for a moment in the culture sphere. Culture spheres can be installed in all kinds of public spaces like parks, squares and houses. In this way everybody is free to use them at anytime to get in touch with different cultures.